Good-bye, Cruel World!

You know…I’ve had this domain name for a couple of years now and I’ve never really liked it. It’s mainly that stupid hyphen that I hate. I was stupid to put a hyphen in there. Hyphens don’t belong in domain names, yet I’ve owned 3 of them in my life. It’s all that Brad Carter’s fault that runs for getting that domain before me. What a jerk.

I thought about going back to my original home at which I had from about 1997 until 2005, but nah. I want to keep my homepage separate from I thought about moving it to phonelosers.COM like I did for a short time in 2005. And I thought about trying to register, but I’m sure people would mess up the spelling on that even more than they forget the hyphen in this domain.

I need something short and simple. That’s why I’ve moved my homepage to my old Alton Online home – Even though it’s technically not even a word, I think it’s still easier to remember than all the other domains my homepage has resided on in the past. So update your bookmarks. My new homepage is at

If you’re a subscriber by email or RSS, you don’t have to do anything. I’ll hold on to the domain for a few more years before letting it go, so old URLs and my email addresses will still work until then. But everything has moved over to now. See you there!

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