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I finished up Harry Potter #7 today. I think I started it on Thursday or Friday. It was easily the best book of the series. I thought it would be boring when I started it. I mean really, after 6 books of wizarding crap can the 7th one really be any different? But yeah, it was great and I couldn’t put it down.

I’ve also listened to 3 “seasons” of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy BBC radio show now. I did a lot of driving around this weekend, so I was able to finish up the 3rd one. It’s great stuff as well.

I ended up at a Wal-Mart and picked up a few phone calls for customers when I heard someone paged to pick up a phone line. It was mostly because I’d been itching to test out this telephone recording device of mine, which resembles a wireless phone earpiece that people wore before everyone had bluetooth. I stupidly messed up the recordings of most of the calls I answered, but here’s one I got:


Yesterday I went on a 4 1/2 hour hike in Corvallis.


  • the wal-mart call was funny. :D

  • You are just now finishing HP7?! You know its lowlifes like you that are wrecking society! Its been out almost a year!Disgusting. I dont know how you live with yourself.

    heeeeeey…. this is kinda cooooooooool- my comments dont ruuuuuunnnnnnnnn oooooooffffffff the page any more when I get waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out here! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • The old HGTTG radio show rules, have you ever played the text adventure?

  • Sage, I meant to read it last year! I’ve just been busy. It’s a good thing I bought a copy for my son, otherwise I may have waited another year to read it. I am ashamed of myself and I apologize to you. Please forgive me.

    Tachyon, no I’ve never played that. I remember seeing versions of a HHGTTG text adventure on many BBSes I called, but back then I didn’t even know what the Hitchhiker’s thing was all about. I didn’t read the books until 1992. Which is even more shameful than waiting a mere year to read Harry Potter #7.

  • lol i didnt know u liked harry potter..I LOVE harry potter as well=]

  • “Love you.”
    “Fuck you!”


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