Roadside memorial, pay phones

I tell my kids that the teens pictured in this roadside memorial are buried under the metal doors.

What’s with this roadside memorial anyway? It’s been there for almost as long as I’ve lived in Albany. Don’t these kids have real graves that can be decorated with pinwheels and stuff? It used to be across the street, taking up some of the sidewalk, so I guess it was moved to this newer place to inconvenience less people. But geez, 2.5 years now. How long does a roadside memorial need to stay up?

Biked for a few hours this evening and ended up taking more pay phone pictures. It’s only been a month since I last went on a pay phone picture taking spree and already some of the phones I photographed have disappeared. The Goodwill phone disappeared just a couple weeks after my photo. And last week I noticed the 1 phone at Target was missing. Every pay phone on the community college campus has been removed. These have all been Qwest phones, so it looks like they’re tired of dealing with pay phones.

(This post is dedicated to Sheila and Wenonoa, who fully understand and can both personally relate to my obsession with pay phones.)


  • I think the Lumberjack Breakfast people have thought this whole roadside memorial thing up as a way of free advertising…

    Yeah I’m probably going to hell for that. ;)

  • What in the world did the kids die of? I’m assuming it wasn’t steel door disease.

    Oh, and I love the link to the Dancing in a Field of Tansy blog! Great blog for anyone interested in gardening and farming (or beekeeping!)

  • It’s right at a busy intersection, so I assume they died in a car crash. Either that or the steel doors gave them tetanus.

    I’ll tell the Dancing in a Field of Tansy lady that you like her blog. She’s a good friend of mine. I’m not into farming and all that, but still find the idea of it all pretty fascinating.

  • Buried under the metal doors?
    Oh my god,
    You are horrible.
    Sexy, but horrible!

  • The pay phones are gone
    Everyone has a cell phone
    Less toys to phreak with

  • Why do they have to have a roadside memorial? You don’t need to remember the roadside, it’s right freaking there!

  • In Soviet Russia, roadside memorials YOU!

  • OK sorry Mellokira, that doesn’t even work normally.

  • Ha-ha,teens buried under the metal doors. That sounds like something I would have told my kids. I’m watching The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Its pretty good,though I can’t stand Billy Mitchell,he is a cocky prick. Well gotta run,have a good day Brad.

  • Pay phones? i dont get it. why pay phones? please enlighten us on the attraction.

  • you’re mission, should you chose to except it, is to go to my blog and receive further instructions.

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