RIP, Tom

I just got an email from Callie, telling me that my ex-neighbor Tom from Illinois died on Christmas day. What a shock. He was only 43. He was a great person and probably my favorite neighbor ever. We had a lot of fun together, back when I lived there. Me and Tom spent about a year using NetBus to hack into people’s home computers and do hilarious things. We shared our scans with each other and traded IP addresses that had really good things on them. He was also with me when we made the Taco Bell takeover video.

We did normal things to, though, like helping each other out with computer problems and helping each other with home improvement issues. We traded computer components all the time. We built walls in his basement together and he trusted me to completely rewire his basement and put porch lights on the front of his house and in his shed. He let me borrow his truck anytime I needed to go to Lowes and buy drywall or other big things. He was a great person and I’ve kind of missed him since I left Illinois.

I can only imagine how hard this must be on his son, who is about 12-years-old. His other son is 3. His older son and Emily were really good friends for the first 8 or so years of their lives and spent a ton of time together. Payton knew him for his first 5 years too, until we moved. Just, wow. Rest in peace, Tom.

Tom Mowing the Street


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