Family Ties

No kids this weekend. Hiked on Saturday morning, then spent the rest of the weekend at home doing pretty much nothing. The most unproductive weekend I’ve had in a long time. Watched a lot of Netflix on TV. Somehow I got the idea that Across the Universe would be a good movie. I think I lasted for maybe 20 minutes of that. I wasn’t expecting it to be a musical. Not that I have anything against musicals, but this was awful. I also watched Jenn’s movie Spaced Out, which was great if you like movies about anal probes. It was fun to watch once, and about a million times better than Across the Universe. (I’ve been writing wacky reviews for Spaced Out on imdb, Amazon and Netflix. Plus I added some fake trivia and goofs on imdb, which haven’t been approved yet.)

Somehow last night I ended up watching Family Ties on Netflix. It’s a show from the 80’s I loved which I haven’t seen since the 80’s. Usually when I attempt to rediscover some old show from the 80’s, I can’t believe how awful it is and that I ever liked it. But Family Ties was great, despite that God-awful intro song where the hippies sing about how much they suck at math and English. I watched about 6 episodes. And I was really surprised to find out that Alex P. Keaton was friends with George McFly a year before Back to the Future came out. He had a small part, but it was cool to see them together in something else.


  • maybe you got the idea from me cuz i LOVE across the universe! you should have kept going. the scene where bono sings i am the walrus is great! and joe cocker has a great scene too.

  • RBCP, you make me lolz.

    “You might say there are just too many clichés in this film, especially the obvious ones involving cactuses, and this is true, but in a movie like this that’s a hard thing to avoid and I think the director did a fine job where red boxing is concerned.”

  • Across the Universe was awful. I had to sit through it with some friends who thought it was great.I never thought it would end. Family Ties is really good,I watched it from Netflix too.

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