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Wow, is slow. I assumed before that it was because it was the only site that I still had running on But I switched it to a new server a week or two ago and it’s still slow. Must be a WordPress issue or something.

I’ve been up to a lot lately. So much that I haven’t really written much. Most of it’s all revolved around Evie. We went to Bend for a weekend and I’ve been hanging out in Portland a lot lately. Went to the coast a few weeks ago. Took the kids to Wunderland in Portland, which was much cooler than the one in Salem. It’s been a month now since I’ve written much in here, aside from silly Ebay happenings. A lot has happened. But who cares about all that. Instead I’ll write about Linux!

I’ve been wanting to attempt a transition to Linux for years now. It seems like I try every 1 or 2 years for the past 10 years, but there’s always something keeping me from using it 24/7. When I bought this laptop in 2007, I actually had them ship it with Ubuntu on it, which I turned into a dual-boot, which I eventually just wiped Linux off of. This past weekend, I made more of an effort than usual, but I think it’s going to end up being another failed attempt.

It’s not that I have troubles adapting to it. I’ve used it off and on for years now. I like Linux and wish I could completely ditch Windows for it. The problem is the software. Looking at the selection of software for linux is like time traveling back to the 1980’s. Remember those old ads for Commodore 64 and Tandy computers where they’re like, “You can manage all your finances on your new home computer! The kids can play games and do their homework on our word processing software!” It’s kind of like that. You would never dare balance your checkbook on a TRS-80. Everything for linux is in beta or on version 1. You look at the revision lists and they say things like “Version 1.18 has 500 bug fixes!” which makes you think, “Holy crap, their software was THAT terrible just a tenth of a version ago?”

Well okay, fine, Open Office is pretty nice and wasn’t really around last time I gave this a try. But I NEED invoicing software and I can’t do without it. Currently I use Quickbooks for Windows. Guess what the big invoicing software package for Linux is called. Business Accountz. Yes, with a Z. It’s like some retarded junior high kid named it. I’m supposed to trust my business to a software package that can’t even spell right. I could overlook that if the program didn’t completely suck, but it does. I’ve spent hours looking for alternatives, but there doesn’t seem to be any. I could use Quickbooks via the web for $10/month. But that just means I’m paying $120/year for Linux.

The latest iTunes doesn’t work yet under Wine. And I can’t seem to get Evolution to sync to Google so that I can sync that with my iPhone instead. Even if I could, it’s not going to sync my notes which are very important to me to have both on the computer and on my iPhone. All these issues just lead me to wonder why I should even bother changing when Windows does everything flawlessly. It’d make more sense to switch to a Mac. Or just stay with Windows. I’m going to keep working on things and see if I can come up with acceptable compromises, but I don’t have my hopes up too much.

On the upside of all my playing around with my laptop this past week, issues with dual-booting forced me to upgrade my 10-year-old Windows XP OS to Windows 7. And wow, Windows 7 kicks ass. I’ve been using it for a week now and it’s great. So many issues have been addressed. Thanks, Linux, for helping me to discover the latest version of Windows!

In other breaking news…I’m downloading the entire Black Sabbath discography. That might be fun to listen to, but I predict that I’ll get sick of them after a couple of hours. Also, Kick Ass comes out this week. I can’t wait. I’m gonna see it at least twice – once with Jessica and once with the kids. It’s going to be the most amazing movie since Mystery Team. I’m also attempting to watch the entire 7 seasons of Star Trek TNG. I’m 19 episodes into season 1 now.


  • i vote for switching to a mac! :D

  • You description of the accounting software seriously had water coming out my nose. Still laughing about it…

  • Off-topic: Why does a post called “hello spring!” by ‘admin’ show up in my RSS feed for your blog? Whenever I click the title, it takes me to:


  • lunaherbco is a friend’s blog that I helped set up the theme for, using the theme from this web site as a base for it. So some things got a little mixed up during all of that. Not sure why anything would still show up on the RSS feed though.

  • I’m still trying to figure out if this post was intentionally written to troll me. Dual booting is so 2005.

  • Nah, I’m not attempting to troll anyone. I like linux and I’ve always wanted to use it regularly. But it seems like I’m just going to lose a ton of functionality by switching. Not just with the things I mentioned in this post, but with a lot of other stuff too. It’s too bad major software developers aren’t more into making things available for linux users.

  • Funny, I just built a linux computer for a friend of mine about a week ago. he wanted a desktop but didn’t want to actually have to buy anything, so a bunch of old parts and an Ubuntu CD later he had a computer.

    So far he’s said the same thing. As long as he just wants to surf the internet and do word processing, it’s great. anything after that it sucks. He can’t even find the drivers for his sound card. He compares it to an old VW bug, reliable, easy, but not at all luxurious.

  • I use Debian and Slackware, it is way better than Windows, but Ubuntu is shit compared to Slackware, Ubuntu is for noobs who are afraid of commands.


  • Well aren’t you cool…

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