Episode 1 – Telephone Company Assholery

This past weekend I’ve been reorganizing my hard drive IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN and trying to make more sense of the kajillions of files I’ve collected over the years, and I’ve decided that the best thing to do is permanently delete them all. But not before playing them for you guys to hear in everyone’s favorite new show – Brad’s Cactus Shack.
This is just an experimental thing and there’s a good chance I won’t make it past 3 episodes, but I’ve got a ton of audio scattered throughout my hard drives. It’s stuff that wouldn’t make a lot of sense to put on the Snow Plow Show and only slightly more sense to put on a Hobosode. So hopefully ya’ll will enjoy this new show before I completely forget about it just like I did with The Big Beef Bueno Show.

I can’t remember if I ever played the original What’s Your Bid files from the 1980’s. The sound quality on them is terrible and the calls are barely funny, but I was pranking that same radio station from the What’s Your Bid phone mob back in middle school and I recorded the calls. Have I ever played those anywhere? If not, I plan to play them in the next episode.

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