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I’ve been an Ebay user since about 2000. After one seller left me some odd feedback, I decided to return the favor. Then I started being weird and sarcastic to everyone I encountered on Ebay. Then that wasn’t enough, I started replying to all the nice feedback people left about me with mean and sarcastic remarks. The next thing I know, my weird feedback is being linked to by websites like Fark, whowouldbuythat.com and featured on morning radio shows around the country.

My fun ended in February of 2005 when Ebay canceled my account for abuse of their feedback system. The comments they appeared to have a problem with were the ones referring to homosexuals and the Taliban. The letter they sent me can be read here. Several days later I finally managed to get Ebay to reinstate my account by promising never to “abuse” the feedback system again.

Since then, I’ve more or less stopped tormenting Ebay users with silly feedback. Occasionally I just can’t help myself, but for the most part I keep my Ebay feedback very generic and boring. I have archived all of the feedback left and received by me during my heyday of abusing the feedback system. You can read all of it by clicking on the 2 links below.

Feedback left about me | Feedback I’ve left

Once you’re done reading my feedback, be sure to look at my other Ebay antics which can be found in the Ebay Menu near the top of this page. This feedback is featured in the Phone Losers of America book, along with a few of my other eBay pranks.


  • Hi, I am very sorry to see that eBay has obviously forced you to change all your feedback. Your feedback pages were the funniest and wittiest things on the web. I will sorely miss reading your entries. Good luck and I hope you find some other outlet for your creativity.

  • I got your link via WHO WOULD BUY THAT and wanted you to know I HOWLED at your feedback to members. I hope someday when I am selling something you will buy something just to leave me feedback…I want to be in that hall of fame. You make it so much fun and I never ever considered making feedback fun. Thank you for many laughs tonight! You have an absolutely wonderful sense of humor.

    Thank you,

  • Dude,
    I am thinking of doing a website with the premise being, interesting,
    outrageous& funny feedback on eBay.
    You are my Superstar. Keep it up!

    PS. How’s my gramer. Q:)

  • Dude… Your feedback rocks! I’ve been laughing my ass off! I don’t

    suppose that you have a new one for sell… The super glue isn’t
    working! Love ya!

  • Dude you should just start a new screen name with the feed back
    responses you have I’d never buy from you. The buyer left you OK feed back
    but you look like an ignorant ass with your replies lmao how old are
    you ???

  • Hi……. i just read the feedback you left for me for Problem child…. and althought it was positive feeback, i just wanted to let you know that i did not tell you there were deleted nude scenes of the late john ritter in them, I feel that is a very in appropriate subject in the case john ritter died. I am sorry you got your wires crossed.

  • Just wanted you to know that your good work shall continue. My wife clued (is that even a word?) me into your very entertaining feedbacks and I shall now try to live up to the standards you have set for smartassdom in this land of Ebay. Viva el phoneloser…..VIVA!!

    p.s. I am now buying shit I don’t even need just to have the excuse to feedback.

  • I read your comments on your feedbacks. Yes it is posted on a forum. You are fugging hilarious! I’m glad to see that there are people out there that don’t take life
    too serious. Keep up the good work. LOL

  • you are the funniest person ive ever seen! your feedback cracked me up so much. its 4:27 am and im supposed to be doing homework for my speech and debate class. instead i read your feedback and laughed really hard. it was totally worth it. thanks! now im going to model my feedback after yours. i idolize you man.

  • Never got to see it on Ebay. I always miss the good shit.

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