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After one seller left me some odd feedback, I decided to return the favor. Then I started being weird and sarcastic to everyone I encountered on Ebay. Then that wasn’t enough and I started replying to all the nice feedback people left about me with mean and sarcastic remarks. Here are the links so you can read the feedback:

Feedback left about me | Feedback I’ve left

While transcribing this feedback from Ebay to my homepage, I noticed that Ebay had removed quite a few of the more hilarious entries of mine. But if you read some of the letters they sent me, you’ll see some of the entries that they removed.

In July of 2003, my ebay feedback ended up on After that news of the feedback spread to morning radio stations all over the country, since apparently all wacky morning radio shows steal all their content from After that, links to my feedback started popping up on web forums everywhere including ebay’s seller forums. In August I had a few people tell me that there was an article about it on but I never could find anything on that site. During all that time, I got nonstop email from people visiting my feedback pages.

About a year before all this happened, I was talking to my good friend Spessa and I sent her to my Ebay feedback. And it turns out that she screws with people in the exact same way only her responses are slightly more hilarious than mine. You can take a look at her feedback below. She doesn’t reply to every single transaction like I do so you have to scroll a little more to find the good stuff. But it’s worth it!

Spessa’s feedback | Spessa’s feedback about others

Spessa got into a little feud over some feedback with somebody she had bought some items from. He didn’t think her feedback was very funny and was saying all kinds of crazy things to her which, in the end, resulted in this email. It’s a really long story which I don’t think I’m qualified to tell and I wish Spessa would just create her own website for this kind of thing. But if you look through Spessa’s feedback you should be able to find the feedback entries from January 2005 that the letter is referring to.

And then there’s another guy who I don’t know but his Ebay feedback is insanely funny. Here it is:

Some weird guy’s feedback | Some weird guy’s feedback about others.

And yeah, here’s yet another one:

Yet another one | And his feedback about others.

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