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Sellers grandchildren really got in the way of this transaction. Crazy kids…..
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Oh I’m sorry that my kids can’t be as perfectly well-behaved as yours.
Follow-up by spessa: Try yelling and cursing at them nonstop; it really seems to work well for me!
Buyer spessa (132)

Jan-16-05 19:07
Jan-28-05 08:55
Jan-30-05 13:30

Good transaction. Would purchase from again! Buyer gibsondavid (39) Dec-19-04 16:19 5726696593
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Yeah, way to be sarcastic there, David! Just come out and say it why don’t you? Dec-27-04 22:30
A++ buyer! Come back any time! Seller mdfehl (126) Dec-18-04 18:45 5943477550
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Please write more nice stuff about me next time. It makes me feel good. Dec-27-04 22:49
fast payment, nice transaction A++++++++++++++ Seller danc33 (326) Dec-17-04 09:33 5941843573
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: You gave me considerably less +’s than you give other buyers. I’m offended. Dec-27-04 22:44
……………………………. FANTASTIC!…………Thank you!…………..
Buyer showhouse-cinema (978) Dec-08-04 17:47 6336850956
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Apparently the period key on your keyboard is stuck. You should get that fixed. Dec-27-04 22:39
Great Ebayer! Prompt Payment! A++++++++++++++ Seller justrstuf (438) Dec-06-04 08:57 5735165623
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: You should tell Ebay I’m great so they’ll stop threatening to kill my account. Dec-27-04 22:56
Item as promised. Buyer alex_eby ( 9 ) Nov-18-04 09:59 5726699427
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I did indeed promise Alex that this would be an item. And it was. Dec-27-04 22:34
Thanks for a fine transaction. A+++ Hope to see you again soon.
Seller micksmuse (29158) Nov-14-04 21:00 4035677707
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: You’ve never seen me. We arranged all this by email. Quit being delusional. Dec-27-04 22:37
great transaction Buyer wa6z ( 4 ) Nov-03-04 21:22 5725972901
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Just great? Not excellent? Not superb?? Not magnificent or breathtaking??? Dec-27-04 22:47
Quick shipping – excellent quality & service – pleasure doing business
Buyer mrkell54 (44) no longer a registered user Nov-01-04 14:08 5131271959
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I didn’t make the product, I just boxed it up and shipped it. Dec-27-04 22:51
Excellent condition – very quick shipping – excellent seller Buyer mrkell54 ( 44 ) no longer a registered user Nov-01-04 14:05 5131269196
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: So which was it? Quick shipping or fast delivery?? Dec-27-04 22:43
Fast delivery – excellent condition – pleasure to e-Bay with – A+++++++++ Buyer mrkell54 (44) no longer a registered user Nov-01-04 14:04 5131259480
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: We live and we die by the clock, that’s all we have, Mr. Kell. Dec-27-04 22:42
Quick shipping – excellent quality & service – pleasure doing business Buyer mrkell54 ( 44 ) no longer a registered user Nov-01-04 14:03 5131255492
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Mr. Kell is no longer a registered user. I wonder what awful thing he did! Dec-27-04 22:35
Quick shipping -pleasure doing business – excellent e-Bay’r – A++++++++++++
mrkell54 ( 44 ) no longer a registered user Nov-01-04 13:52 5131251942
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Holy crap, look at all this stuff you bought from me, Mr. Kell! Dec-27-04 22:33
Fast delivery – excellent condition – pleasure to e-Bay with – A+++++++++
Buyer mrkell54 ( 44 ) no longer a registered user Nov-01-04 13:39 5131250493
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Feedback was excellent! A+++++ Dec-27-04 22:33
GREAT SELLER A+ Buyer phzrsonstun ( 36 ) Oct-31-04 15:24 5726703140
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I’m just kidding about the NSA thing. But I’m still a little wary of you… Dec-27-04 22:32
GREAT SELLER A+ Buyer phzrsonstun ( 36 ) Oct-31-04 15:24 5726703967
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I find your use of words highly suspicious. I just might report you to the NSA. Dec-27-04 22:31
All was perfect. Thanks. De primera Buyer diego_bf109 ( 113 ) Oct-30-04 18:50 5131273471
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: It wasn’t so perfect – I tripped over the threadhold going into the post office. Nov-04-04 22:53
excellent product, better than described, fast shipping thanks alot!!
Buyer ice_man18_99 ( 27 ) Oct-30-04 16:21 5726701910
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I don’t see how they could be any better. You must be on crack. Dec-22-04 15:25
Good seller. Item arrived well-packaged and in good time. Thanks! Buyer coco_steve ( 494 ) Oct-29-04 05:43 5131262056
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Use wadded pages of porn mags to pack things, they always love that. Nov-04-04 22:54
Quick shipping, good communication, definitely recommended Buyer marlin4 ( 745 ) Oct-28-04 10:26 5927517449
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Roses are red, violets are blue, 2XL was a robot, I sometimes sniff glue. Nov-04-04 23:03
Received the items, and they work, thank you. Buyer ccuser777 ( 184 ) Oct-26-04 17:47 5131254208
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Just don’t get it close to magnets or it’ll explode like a bomb. Nov-04-04 22:18
Ask this seller about his goddamned grandkids – he will go on for hours! FUQUAD!
Buyer spessa ( 132 ) Oct-25-04 23:30 5131248114
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Buyer pretended to be interested in my stories. Very dishonest buyer! Nov-04-04 22:17
lightning speed; well-packaged. Buyer drs3549 ( 298 ) Oct-23-04 13:06 5725970270
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Do you know how fast lightning travels? Buyer obviously not a scientist. Nov-04-04 22:56
I Don’t Itch Anymore.A+++ Seller js*w ( 625 ) Oct-18-04 22:01 6327087138
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: That wasn’t rash cream, it was bean dip you fool! Nov-04-04 22:14
Very quick payment…….. HIGHLY recomended ebayer……. thanks so much again Seller wildoneof2 ( 5390 ) Sep-15-04 14:31 6322087389
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I bought this video only to hear that hot Beach Boys song on the end. Oct-18-04 12:18
super fast shipping ! Very satisfied!! Thanks. Buyer codaco_inc ( 115 ) Aug-02-04 09:04 5711748465
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: You’re not the first person to tell me that I really know how to satisfy a woman Oct-18-04 12:19
Very fast shipment. Thanks!!! Item exactly as described. Buyer whm316 ( 146 ) Jul-20-04 05:52 3681154396
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I didn’t describe all the little scratches and dents but buyer didn’t mind. Nov-04-04 22:59
hey,i got the item, it’s perfetct… thanks! enfad ( 23 ) Jul-18-04 22:50 6300318078
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I’m just a very big Finkle fan, This is my Graceland. Oct-18-04 12:21
Simply Awesome! Instant Payment and Great Communications A++ Seller mobilelaptopmount_com ( 1325 ) Jun-25-04 21:34 3473409783
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: We communicated by email. Really, what alternative did we have? Nov-04-04 23:06
my computer died b4 I could say FAST Payment, good emails and a nice person Seller jimi99goodnews ( 192 ) Jun-14-04 20:31 3676624648
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I have a feeling Jimi99 is not being completely honest here. Dec-27-04 22:52
Smooth transaction. Good product. Buyer hazben207020 ( 19 ) Jun-14-04 18:31 5702980073
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Not a GREAT product?? No A++++++?? What a jerk. Dec-22-04 15:33
shipping fast and simple, check sent in mail a little slow getting to the seller
Buyer anthony2631 ( 51 ) Jun-13-04 15:23 3680245853
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: It’s okay, the Betty Boop checks were so cute that I immediately forgave you. Nov-04-04 22:57
Exactly as described. Super fast. Buyer chuckblock ( 14 ) Jun-07-04 17:23 3680545061
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I did not describe the item as being super fast. Buyer is confused. Dec-27-04 22:52
Thanks very much for shopping with us; you are a great ebayer; come back soon! Seller mhzkid ( 3688 ) Jun-03-04 14:19 3088428189
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: If I’m so great then why does Ebay always send me threatening emails? Dec-27-04 22:53
Good Ebayer. Highly recommend. Thanks. Seller sambozer ( 5450 ) May-17-04 13:59 3676863980
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I’m in Psychoville and Finkle’s the Mayor. Oct-18-04 12:30
Immediate payment. Great communication. Outstanding transaction! Seller zzl ( 41185 ) Mar-20-04 18:35 2231969094
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Seller really knows his adverbs! Dec-22-04 15:36
QuickResponseToWiningBid..Highly recommended chantellecalifornia ( 101 ) Sep-23-03 17:44 3347542940
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Seller should look into an ebay auction for a new space bar and a dictionary. Oct-09-03 07:22
Follow-up by chantellecalifornia: Picky Picky. I gave you + and you pick on my spelling…LOL May-11-04 15:50
Quick shipping, recieved as described Buyer cavrider1 ( 3 ) Jul-07-03 05:53 3421174059
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Dude – I before E except after C! I’m a dropout and even I know that! Jul-16-03 14:37
Great buyer! Would love to do business with them again! Seller treasures-u-want ( 3913 ) Jul-08-03 10:45 3335118137
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: “Buyer” is singular and “them” is plural. Seller makes no sense! B+ for effort. Jul-09-03 14:15
Fast shipper & good deal. Thank you Buyer jim19702 ( 232 ) Jul-07-03 05:53 3032385647
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: My new Ford Focus allowed me to get to the post office quickly. Jul-09-03 14:21
ITEM RECEIVED BROKEN. Don’t worry, got my money back. “Gave me a boner.” loser.
Buyer lmunoz912 ( 21) Mar-17-03 21:55 3009742288
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Buyer does crack, lives with his mom, wets the bed. Mar-18-03 07:13
Immediate payment. Great communication. Outstanding transaction! Seller zzl ( 41185 ) Nov-15-02 17:37 724024166
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Hey Ace, you got anymore of that gum? Jul-16-03 14:50
Super Fast Payment! Thanks! AA+++ Seller yardsale6 ( 1970 ) Aug-27-02 18:23 1758926617
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Buyer is lying. My payment was fast, but not SUPER fast. Mar-18-03 10:32
Great transaction Super Fast Payment! Woohoo! pls Do same for us! Awesome!- A+++
Seller cellulargeeks ( 10889 ) Jul-06-02 14:37 1363186044
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: It’s like having a 4 foot antenna on my phone! Mar-18-03 10:23
Prompt payment!!! Nice comunication, a pleasure to deal with. A+ Seller www_cameratoys_com ( 4369 ) Jul-02-02 08:46 1361761106
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I’m from Illinois. Your misspellings and exclamation marks do not scare me. Jul-09-03 14:23
Payment received. An asset to ebay. A PLEASURE! Seller mediumal ( 11935 ) Jun-25-02 09:46 1356506503
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: It was good for me too, baby… Mar-26-03 11:01
Great to deal with Buyer kc5davis ( 40 ) May-17-02 14:34 1338518822
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: It’s been a year now and I’m starting to miss this CD. I want it back, kc. Jul-09-03 14:25
Received the CD very promptly!! Buyer al_fiendtx ( 19 ) May-12-02 20:48 1511422319
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Hope you enjoy the 1 good song on this CD. Mar-26-03 11:00
Thanks a million! Buyer traingirl31 ( 212 ) Mar-29-02 12:21 1500170686
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Buyer is being misleading, only thanked me 2 times. May-06-03 20:00
Fast shipping, great game. Would definitely buy from again. Buyer samsbrain ( 22 ) Mar-21-02 17:04 1338518120
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Yeah, you just can’t go wrong with Hungry Hungry Hippos, dude! Jul-16-03 14:47
Cd was in great condition Fast shipping A++++++ Buyer psychopathic_jtowo_130 ( 46 ) Mar-16-02 08:55 1401996514
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Great condition because I only listened to it once before learning it sucked. Jul-16-03 14:45
Great seller! Would buy from again anytime! Buyer huntr777 ( 2898 ) Mar-02-02 14:46 1513590238
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I have listed other items since this transaction, he never bought any of them. May-06-03 20:06
Thanks, just what the doctor ordered. Buyer walterego99 ( 726 ) Mar-02-02 11:00 1511423861
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I’m glad I could help, I hope the itching goes away. Mar-26-03 11:03
Quick shipment, great commincation Buyer bkaid ( 19 ) Mar-01-02 20:09 1511427740
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: TOO BAD I DIDN’T SELL YOU A DICTIONARY! HAHAHA! I KILL ME! Mar-26-03 11:06
Thanks, just what the doctor ordered. Buyer walterego99 ( 726 ) Mar-02-02 11:00 1511423861
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I’m glad I could help, I hope the itching goes away. Mar-26-03 11:03
Very pleased. Thank-you. Buyer No longer a registered user Mar-01-02 13:11 1513597767
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: *lights a cigarette* It was good for me too, baby… May-06-03 20:04
GREAT !!!!!! I wish all sellers are like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A+++++ Buyer elfory ( 94 ) Feb-26-02 15:29 1513592720
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: What a racist thing to say!@#$&%@ Mar-26-03 11:02
EXCELLENT TRANSACTION…MY CD ROCKS! and it was cheap :-) A++++++++++++++ Buyer montereydvdguy ( 21 ) Feb-23-02 16:46 1511431337
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: BUHAHAHAHAHA, buyer thinks that Billy Joel rocks! LMAO!!!! Jul-16-03 14:05
easy transaction. speedy delivery. a pleasure to do business! Buyer dma00 ( 184 ) Feb-16-02 09:28 1510409992
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Thank you, Mr. McFeely. Jul-16-03 14:08
Thanks, rec’d as promised , Great product Buyer tnwdlr ( 523 ) Feb-07-02 12:14 1500169207
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Item was not really rec’d, I packed it very carefully. Jul-16-03 14:06
Very prompt & friendly Buyer rcade1 ( 551 ) Feb-06-02 23:22 1500749938
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: AND discreet! Notice the plain brown wrapper. Hope the wifey doesn’t find out! Jul-16-03 14:09
Good tranaction, A+++ Buyer frikkingognomego!!! ( 57 ) Jan-25-02 13:33 1404853064
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Way to be sarcastic. There’s no reason not to just be straightforward with me. Jul-16-03 14:13
Very fast shipment, my kid is happy IM HAPPY Thank you.A+++++ Buyer tgarcia622 ( 41 ) Jan-12-02 15:34 1401991004
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Um, sir, that WASN’T a kid’s toy. Did you miss the XXX packaging??? Jul-16-03 14:12
Good buyer but he is a Joker. Seller knight_redwolf ( 69 ) Oct-31-01 19:39 1647243175
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I am a christian, I do NOT joke. Nov-07-01 10:12
Dependable and awesome! You can count on him. (Just don’t let him run your farm) Seller patton428 ( 59 ) Oct-31-01 19:02 1647087095
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Seller thinks it’s my fault his farm went under but it was NOT my fault. Nov-07-01 10:14
nice product – as described. recommend this ebayer; would deal with again. Buyer tocarr ( 98 ) Oct-15-01 14:33 1280640555
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Product was not very nice, buyer obviously can’t tell the difference. Nov-07-01 10:16
This Perfect Bidder Is Very Highly Recommended, Perfect Transaction, Thanks
Seller deaconjones ( 4204 ) Aug-22-01 19:23 1619147291
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Boy, It’s Really Annoying When I Capitalize Every Single Letter In My Sentence. Nov-07-01 10:20
WARNING do not do business with this guy!VERY RUDE! Did not reply me for weeks
interactive1eki ( 48 ) Nov-16-00 19:16 481240437
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: Yeah, well you’re ugly mister! Nov-07-01 10:20
Payment recieved very quickly. Great Transaction!!! A+++++ jasonmistyjacob ( 52 ) May-26-00 11:10 318369683
Reply by phoneloser-rbcp: I paid with counterfiet money. Seller didn’t notice. Nov-01-01 13:24

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