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This is my guestbook. Remember guestbooks? Web sites in the 90’s had them for people to sign. Of course, that’s sort of pointless these days since every single page on this website has a comment form on the bottom. But I’m going to leave this here anyway. Feel free to write anything in it, within reason. To see entries from previous years, click on the years below.

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  • Its a very interesting life you’ve lived, although some of the stuff mentioned even while explicitly stated as truth is very questionable. Either you were very lucky or some of the actual events were omitted. Regardless, great story and thanks for sharing.

  • thanks for bringing back the memories! I remember Hotel California, wasnt up very long, but I remember it, along with all of the other 618 BBS’s.. Cool Days!!
    Miss EM!


    it is:
    Another guy who was a year or two older than me (his name was Artie Smith and he used

  • East Alton 7-11. and what about MR ARCADE?

    (im sure u will delete this messages, but hell, its worth it!)

    Phreaking the phone lines, I remember.

  • I’m the one that linked to your site over at the website you visited earlier today. I have to say I’m pretty impressed that you located us so quickly. Kudos to you. LOL

  • hey dude, you changed your web site…
    I need some photos for
    I was hoping to find some here…

    brad wallace

  • You should start your own Wiki, it will help me link you in to the notable people of Albany Oregon on wiki.

  • Hello. I’m sure you don’t remember, but we’ve emailed a few times, but not since like ’99!!…probably regarding phreaking in the 503 and me with a few questions about a 900 line…yep, long time ago. Portland’s been my ‘home base’ for 31 years. Hell, what really boggles me is that we never bumped into each other around town in the 90’s…or at 2600 meetings at the Backspace Cafe downtown.

    Shoot an email if you come into town, maybe we can get arrested or something.

    Site looks good, btw. Keep it up.


  • Wow Thats seems like a Very Fun Life!

  • Cactus tits!

  • Moikow Roachkiller

    Dear Roid

    You are fuckin hilarious – I can’t believe how funny some of these things actually are. What a life !!! I thought I had a great life as the toilet cleaner at the local coach station but yours is awesome. You have entertained me for years. My only hope is that my children do not hear of your escapades as they will, without a doubt, try to emulate you.

    I don’t live in North America.

    You could be a big hit in Moldova (or at least in Nagorno-Karabakh) although you may have received the death penalty for your antics.

    Very Best Wishes and Käktus

    Årbäldsån Möiköwskövich Smith

  • nice, I remember using a lot of those evergreen overdrive Pentium Upgrades on those socket 5 motherfuckers back in the day, or DX4100mhz 486 cpus in thos cunts. First pc was a commodore =64 bby 1988.


  • matt fucking hillock


  • I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read about your life Brad! You’re very honest and you’ve lived a very interesting life. It’s cool to see all the little hints about your life that shows up in your shows (namely the fake names you tend to use during your prank calls). Consider me a fan until you hang up the phone cords RBCP.

  • You really know how to shoot the shit

  • What an intense, shocking, surreal story of your life. Seems like you actually went through so much hell to get you through the day. Being homeless, to stealing, to fraud. Traveling is something you have done for the most part. Which is something i want to accomplish in the future. Heck, you did some crazy shit back in the day and that’s what makes you a badass!

  • Life story in the making…..

  • Can someone make this into a movie? Catch me if you can hasn’t got shit on the real life story of Brad Carter

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