February 2003

Friday, 2-22-2003: Went to my mom’s retirement party at her store. Went to Fast Eddies with Amy, Angie and Rick in the evening. Angie picked me up to take me there. It was Jayme’s last night singing there. After that we went to The Celler for awhile and played pool.

Saturday, 2-23-2003: Worked for a little while, took Payton to Austin’s birthday party at Godfrey McDonalds then took him back to Colleen’s. Me and Tom worked on his basement room for about 3 hours in the evening.

Sunday, 2-24-2003: Picked up the kids from Colleens and had them until 5:30. We mostly just hung around the house a lot and then went to Jamestown Mall for a few hours to play on the slides.

Wednesday, 2-26-2003: Worked all day, Colleen had the kids. Me and Amy went out and did the drive-thru happy birthday trick during the evening, then came back to my house and watched Dogma.

Friday, 2-28-2003: Went to Lowe’s a bought a bunch of 2 x 4’s for more walls in the basement. Took off work a little early to work on that stuff. Amy calls me around midnight while I’m sleeping and convinces me to get up and do some more drive-thru pranks. So we went out and did that for a few hours with her friend Tami. Got some great footage.

Mysterious Phone Charges

Friday, 2-21-2003: I got my phone bill the other day and besides all my regular charges, there were a bunch of calls to some town out in the boonies, maybe 30 miles from me. Calls lasting almost 20 minutes. Whoever did it called these people in the boonies throughout the month of January, sometimes lasting 1 minute and sometimes lasting 20. It’s just bizarre to me, I’m not used to being on the receiving end of toll fraud.

I used anywho.com to get the names of the people who were called and I called them up saying that I was Kevin Mitnick from AT&T Security. I was hoping they would know who called me from the Alton area for such long and frequent times but neither person had any idea. Both people I talked to were pretty old and it was hard to explain to them what was happening.

The calls are mostly in the early evening. Like 5pm and 6pm. One of the shorter calls are at 9am. I’m sure they didn’t get into my TNI, I would have noticed that. It’s not my neighbors who live in the same building (RIGHT RIJILV?!?!) because I know my wires don’t pass through their apartments. So it had to have been beige boxing. But in the middle of the day??? I bet it was a phone company employee. Yep, that’s the only explanation. A phone company employee is calling up relatives while pretending to work. Maybe it’s someone investigating me and they’re just trying to fuck with me. I just can’t imagine some phreak doing beige boxing at 9:30 in the morning. I know where both telco cans with my wires are located and neither one is secluded.

I don’t even have the line where the calls were made anymore. I disconnected it after I got my Vonage. Otherwise I’d be hooking up a VOX recorder to that line so I could hear the conversations taking place after they happened. I wonder if I’m going to see more charges on my February bill. OH THE ANXIETY. I think I’m going to check out the phone bills of these old people in the boonies and see who they like to call in Alton. I should have asked them if they had relatives with the phone company.

Kids – January 2003

Thursday, 1-2-2003: Had both kids home today. Last night we got about 6 or 7 inches of snow. Worked for about half the day, then took them out to play in the snow and we wenting sled riding at Vanpreter Park. Ryan came with us.

ryan and emily carry their sled back up the hill
preparing for another trip down the hill
Payton heading for the playground

Sunday, 1-12-2003: Took the kids to see Treasure Planet at Cottonwood Mall.

Tuesday, 1-14-2003: Worked all day, then went to Kim’s and spent the night.

Wednesday, 1-15-2003: Left Kim’s at 6:30am and came home to work. Worked until 1pm and then went with Richard P. to Best Buy to get a laptop for him. He got a cool laptop, I got more memory for my laptop and a wireless USB connector. Tried out the wireless connection from Tom’s house and it works great.

Thursday, 1-23-2003: Me and Amy went to Applebees to eat. Then we ordered a bunch of pizzas to her boyfriends house and then sat in the car on his street and watched them deliver them. We need to grow up.

Monday, 1-27-2003: Colleen got the kids at 5:30, I went to Amy’s and we watched Enough on pay-per-view.

Friday, 1-31-2003: Worked all day, picked up both kids from school. Took them to Wal-mart to get some stuff then to my parents to visit for awhile.

December 2002 Entries

Mondady, 12-2-2002: Took the kids to Jamestown Mall for a few hours to play, got some new jeans for me.

Sunday, 12-15-2002: Nice outside today, 60 degrees. Worked on the deck while the kids played in Tom’s dirt pile. Dropped off phone records at Maria Moore’s house on my way to take the kids to Colleen’s for the night. Emily was feeling sick and Colleen ended up taking her to the hospital later for her breathing problems. Payton came back to my house while she did that and he ended up having a fever too when I got him home.

Monday, 12-16-2002: Emily and Payton both stayed home sick today at Colleen’s.

Tuesday, 12-17-2002: Emily stayed home sick with me. I worked off and on all day while she watched TV and played video games. Payton went to school though and I picked him up around 4pm.

Monday, 12-23-2002: No school for Emily today because of Christmas vacation. She stayed home all day while I worked in my office. Casey came over and kept her busy playing Halo on Xbox for most of the day.

Tuesday, 12-24-2002: Both kids stayed home with me today. I was planning to work but never got to. I called Shonna and arranged for Brianna and Meagan to come over for the day. I picked them up and we went to Wal-Mart for me to get Christmas gifts for Shirley and Colleen. Then we all went to see The Wild Thornberry’s new movie at Eastgate. It had started snowing when we went in the theater and by the time we got out there was an inch or 2 of snow on the ground. Came home and played in that for awhile. Later me, Emily and Payton went to my parents house and had some supper. Got the kids to bed early and just now finished up their Christmas stuff. Now I’m sitting on the couch eating Santa’s cookies.

Friday, 12-27-2002: Woke up sick. I stayed in bed until 10am, then I went to the post office and Piasa Pantry. That was a huge mistake. I didn’t think I’d make it home because I felt so bad. When I got back, I layed on the couch pretty much all day and slept about half of the day. Didn’t eat anything, threw up, felt horrible all day. Got my brother to bring me a Pepsi sometime in the afternoon. Around midnight I started feeling better and got to play on the internet for about an hour before going back to sleep for the night.

Saturday, 12-28-2002: Felt much better today. Just hung around the house all day playing with the kids. Took them to Alton Square and Godfrey McDonalds for supper.

Monday, 12-30-2002: Payton went to school and Emily stayed home today. She played with Casey most of the time while I worked.

Tuesday, 12-31-2002: Amy came over this evening and we had a new years party for my kids and hers and Ryan. We all stayed up until midnight or so, then they all went home. Me and Emily stayed up for a little while listening to the police on my scanner.

November 2002 Entries

Saturday, 11-2-2002: Went to a holloween party at Kristine’s with EvilCal and the kids. After that we took the kids to Sheila’s to spend the night. We ended up going out to some bar in Westport with Jennifer. I drank a lot and drove home since I was apparently the most sober.

Sunday, 11-3-2002: Me and Herman went to see I Spy in Edwardsville. After that we snuck into Jackass and watched the last half of that. Decided to finish the Elephant & Bird show video so we got some supplies at Wal-mart and worked on setting things up until about midnight. Then I wimped out and went to bed.

Monday, 11-4-2002: Worked for a few hours, then finished up our E&B video stuff. Went to downtown Alton to get some outside pay phone footage. Then ate at some crappy taco bar by the pay phones we filmed.

Tuesday, 11-5-2002: Took Herman to the airport so he can fly home. We ate at some bar-b-que place first, then I dropped him off.

Wednesday, 11-6-2002: Amy took me to eat at Applebee’s. Then we came home and watched Groundhog Day.

Friday, 11-8-2002: Had Sheila’s kids all day while she helped her sister Jennifer move. Around 3pm we swapped, she took my kids for the rest of the day while I helped Jennifer move furniture. Got home around 10:30pm.

Saturday, 11-9-2002: Took the kids to the donut shop for breakfast. Then we went to Walgreens to buy flashlights and explored the caves by the Piasa Bird. Didn’t do a whole lot of exploring, just mainly went into the main cavern and looked around, then hiked up a trail along side of another entrance. Got a little work done on my deck today. Went to Best Buy at night to get a new 120 gig hard drive since my 40 gig died last week during E&B editing.

The pictures below only show the well lit areas since my camera doesn’t have a flash on it:

Sunday, 11-10-2002: Took Emily and Payton to see Pokemon at Eastgate.

Monday, 11-11-2002: Today’s a holiday so I couldn’t work very good. Sheila called and me and her ended up taking all of our kids to the St. Louis science center. Stayed there from about noon until 4pm. When I got back to my car that I’d left at Hit N Run, noticed I had a flat tire. That sucked.

Some kind of optical illusion room. The kids kept sliding down the floor Shelia, who’s a nurse, noticed that the settings were wrong on some kind of MRI machine so she lifted the glass and fixed it for them.

Tuesday, 11-12-2002: Took my tire to Rob’s to be patched. Then spent over 2 hours sitting in the DMV waiting to renew my expired driver’s license. I did not have a productive day.

Friday, 11-15-2002: Quit work early to take the kids to see the new Harry Potter movie.

Friday, 11-22-2002: Went to Applebee’s with Linda, then to her house to watch Star Trek. STAR TREK. I don’t like Star Trek, never have.

Sunday, 11-24-2002: Worked on the deck & played outside with the kids. Took Emily and Payton to Burger King for lunch, stopped by my parents for a little while.

Wednesday, 11-27-2002: My brother went with me to find some mini RC cars for the kids’ Christmas. Finally found some at KB Toys.

Thursday, 11-28-2002: Hung out at my parents all day for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, 11-30-2002: My brother came over and hung out pretty much all day. Had pizza with him and the kids, played a lot of Dragon’s Lair on Xbox. Later I went to see Solaris with Linda at Eastgate which sucked. Then hung around my house for awhile which didn’t suck so bad.

A Couple October 2002 Entries

Sunday, 10-6-2002: Took the kids to Jamestown Mall to play again. Mostly played on the slides, but went to the pet store and the ice cream truck ride outside the petstore. Emily kept stealing rides from other kids whose parents were putting money into the rides.

Friday, October 11th, 2002: Look at this annoying church lady, leaving literature in my door.

some lady leaving literature

Visit from RijilV

Tuesday, June 18th, 2002: Today RijilV and Chris visited me, on their way to Arizona from Michigan. We spent the day harassing Hardees frequencies, Target frequencies, hanging out in downtown St. Louis and trying to start up a UFO hoax/scare. Here are a few pictures…

They arrived early in the morning, parking their cars all over my lawn, despite more then adequate street parking. As I went out to greet them, RijilV was sitting in the lawn with his laptop, attempting to break into my wireless network. One of them snapped a picture of me and Payton swinging. RijilV and I under the Arch.
RijilV and Chris under the Arch Shopping for UFO hoax materials at Wal-Mart Chris and I, constructing our “UFO” out of bags, straws and candles
UFO Flight attempt and failure #1 UFO Flight attempt and failure #2

Terrorist Attack Day!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001: Terrorist Attack Day! I’m writing this entry on 11/19/2003. Since the attacks have happened, I’ve been asked many times by various friends what I was doing on that day. So…I was up and getting the kids ready for school. I came upstairs to my office to check email and I heard the DJ on the radio (the MJ & BJ Morning Show) talking about planes hitting buildings, terrorist attacks and asking what the hell was going on. So I flipped on the TV to CNN to see if there was anything about it on TV. It didn’t seem like that big of a deal to me at first, I just thought it was some kind of weird accident and didn’t think it was actually a commercial plane. On CNN they’re showing pictures of just the one tower hit and a lady is on the phone talking about what had happened. Then she stops and says, “Oh my god, another plane just hit the building!” At the time CNN didn’t have a very good camera angle on it but after a few seconds you can see that a 2nd plane has hit.

I watched for a few more minutes and then went downstairs to show my daughter Emily. She didn’t care and just got mad at me for turning off her cartoons. She was just in kindergarten at the time, I don’t think there was a way to explain to her that it was real and not just a TV show. So I come back upstairs and call my mom at work to tell her about it. At the time she was the manager of a grocery store so she puts the radio news on the PA in the store so all the customers can hear it. I think I called a few more people to see if they’d heard about it, then I went downstairs to finish getting the kids ready and took them to school. All the moms dropping their kids off were going on and on about it. I just wanted to get back in the car and keep listening to the radio to see if anything else had happened.

When I got back home I didn’t get any work done at all that day. I just sat at the computer with about 4 chat windows open, talking to everyone about stuff as it unfolded. I stayed on fark.com and watched CNN all day. It was a bizzare day, listening to everything unfold. There were tons of rumors going on like the Washington mall being on fire and planes falling out of the sky all over the country, a plane hitting the White House, etc. One thing I really wish I’d done that day was pop a tape into the VCR so I could record the entire day of CNN so people could remember how it all unfolded. Watching it all happen live was quite surreal. It seemed like a big budget movie, seeing the explosions happen and New Yorkers flee as the buildings collapsed. It was hard to believe any of it was real, especially with all the false stories popping up and then being retracted.

So that’s it, that’s what I did. I sat in front of a computer all day, mesmerized by the events that were happening. Any time that I had to leave the house, I would hurry to the car and turn on the radio just to be sure that I didn’t miss anything new happening.

2600 Meeting, September 2001

Friday, September 7th, 2001: 2600 Meeting. Guess it’s been awhile since I wrote about the meetings. Damn, 7 months since I wrote about the meetings, even though I still attend nearly every month. The first thing I noticed when I came to this meeting when I sat down was that bumr was over at Fazoli’s standing in line. As he got closer to the front of the line I called the manager of Fazoli’s and said, “Hi this is Tom from the mall office. We just wanted to alert you to a guy passing counterfeit bills in the mall. He’s wearing a white ball cap and a purple shirt.” We couldn’t see the results, but when we told bumr about it he said that she had held his $20 bill up to the light and studied it closely.

The rest of the meeting was rather uneventful. Elonka showed everyone a bunch of cool vacation photos and bumr gave us all a great history lesson on how much of the the h/p scene all began in St. Louis which many people didn’t seem to be aware of. We argued over the frequencies of red box tones and ate lots of breadsticks. And Spuds wasn’t there because he seems to think ham radio events are more important than 2600. Bad Spuds.

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