A couple months ago I was looking at gloves in Albertson’s and I found these:

All of the gloves on the rack were labeled for Boys, no matter the style. Today I sent the image in to The Fail Blog so maybe it’ll end up on their site one of these days. (That’s why it has the FAIL writing on it.)

I can’t tell you how much I want to take my TV-B-GONE to the gym and turn off all the cable boxes and TVs with one press of the button. It’d be complete pandemonium, with 20 people looking around, confused and wondering what they’ll do now that the TVs are off. Even better would be to bring my old remote control watch in and switch all the channels up a few times.


  • I’ve never seen a cable box that didn’t throw off a ridiculous amount of heat, and they’ve got seven stacked up together. You and your TV-B-Gone would practically be saving the place from an inferno.

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  • Thank you for posting that link to the Fail Blog! I have not laughed this hard all winter ;)

  • Fail blog is the best! It never fails to make me laugh. Pun not really intented. :) I hope your pink gloves make it.

  • most importantly, does your son like his new gloves?

  • John – sorry, didn’t mean to publish that. My finger slipped on the button. Now we have to redo our code books.

    Bruce – he would have loved them, I’m sure, but they were way too small for him. And they didn’t have that style of gloves in a bigger size. Hopefully next year…

  • That fail website is hilarious! Thanks for the link! Oh and that Shaytard guy is good too.

  • Hey Brad,

    My friend and I came across a website with a bunch of Japanese phone numbers the other day and prank called a bunch of them. We figured out that almost any Japanese business you call, whether it’s an antique store, a tire store, or a nail salon, will have a person on staff whose sole job is to speak English. These people speak perfect English and are usually fetched within moments of your first “Hello.”

    The problem is actually making them mad. Apparently Japanese people are impossible to piss off; no matter what, they just keep being polite to you. We tried really hard to get some of them to scream obscenities at us, but they never did. I figured I’d pass the idea on to you and see how you do. Might make for an interesting installment of PLA Radio.

    -Sensei Satan

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