I’m watching The Manhattan Project, which I haven’t seen since the 80’s. It’s a fun movie. I remember reading the book in Jr. High. It’s free to watch on here:

I ran 6 MPH for 30 minutes straight today. That’s my longest time at that pace. Usually I take a break at 20 minutes.

Payton was doing some report on beavers for school and I found out that they’re not allowed to call beaver dams dams. They call it a lodge instead. Because “dam” is a curse word. Isn’t that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard? It’s like we’re moving backwards.

The Mysterious Stranger transcripts is awesome. Three separate versions of the same story, which happens to be my favorite book. And the first version, which is the one they used in the book, is an extra 50 pages. It’s like seeing the deleted scenes on a DVD.


  • It is incorrect to call a beaver dam a lodge. The lodge is where the beavers live. They make dams to make ponds. Wikipedia says “The ponds created by well-maintained dams help isolate the beavers’ home, their lodge, which is also created from severed branches and mud.” Tell the school to stop being stupid and call it a dam. “Damn” isn’t a bad word anyways, you can hear shit and ass on prime time TV. The school is teaching students incorrectly if they call a dam a lodge and that is disrespectful to the beaver which is a proud and noble creature!

  • Both of you, please don’t use that kind of language in my blog!

  • At my nephew’s school, they can’t even use the replacement words like “what the freak?” would get you in trouble.

    Good job on the running!

  • I wish we could all just get over curse words. Do they really even matter anymore? You’d think in 2009 we’d be going the other way, but noooo. We’re going to pretend that dam is a curse word instead.

  • that is a wierd observation… but a good one.

    Everywhere else- TV (Im told),work, etc, words like dam etc are more acceptable that they were 20 years ago… but in the public arena everyone is 1000% more anal. Good point, but wierd.

    I dont think there will every not be cuss words. I think humans will always designate a set of words that for no real reason are more taboo than others. We need something to shout when we are REAALLLLY pissed.

    I suspect that as society becomes more accepting of one set of formerly taboo words they will unconciously formulate another set of even more taboo words. Like when I was a kid Nigger wasn’t a bad word espcially. Even the people who cuss the most at my work dont use that one anymore.

  • I understand Nigger being not okay to say since we’re all still a little sensitive over that whole slavery thing, but how is dam even offensive? It’s not a curse word in any way. Did a parent actually complain about that? And did the school actually take the complaint seriously and make a change to the English language? That has to be what happened. Schools need to learn to tell parents to fuck off. It’s not like they can take their kids somewhere else. They’re not even allowed to pretend gun fight on the playground because that might turn them into Columbine shooters.

  • ON THE CONTRARY, I’d much rather it worked the other way around- ie me the parent being able to tell the school to piss off and then have some where else to send my kid, where beavers build dams. It’d be great if public eduation died in my life time.

  • The telescreen tells us this is doubleplusgood. Therefore, it is. The thoughtpolice have been dispatched and will arrive momentarily.

  • have you seen the claymation mysterious stranger snippit on you tube (or perhaps in some other context)??? its actually from a mark twain claymation review (i think)….but they get the angel ‘satan’ dead on….its one of the first things you see when you type ‘creepy’ in a you tube search….

  • Yep, I saw that whole claymation movie just a few months ago. The whole satan segment is really bizarre.

  • Yea that is pretty stupid about not using dam when talking about beaver dams,considering the curse word Damn is spelled Damn,not dam.

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