Episode 3 – Crossroads Chaos

I found more phone company recordings scattered around various drives, buried several sub-directories deep. Hopefully these aren’t calls that I played on the first episode. We also listen to some so-called chaos that I caused at a mall in the mid-2000’s, and we revisit my old neighbor Warren and his super exciting lifestyle.
On that part where I couldn’t understand what she was saying – she said she was haulin’ balls. Who says stuff like that? I’m surprised they didn’t all communicate via CB radios instead of borrowing my phone.

I found a few old posts that reference Warren, but nothing specific about the blender timer. And haha, in that picture I can see that I had it set to go off FOUR TIMES A DAY. The timer automatically randomized the start/end times by about 15 minutes. I should have set up a sensor on the wall to count how many times it was banged in that 2 weeks.

I found a few old blog posts that reference Warren. Here’s where my car stereo gets stolen. There’s this one about contemplating moving. My first bike theft. Here’s where I badmouth Warren to the landlord. My breakdown of Warren-related living costs. Still bitching about Warren here. Here’s a picture of my broken car window and missing radio. Looking back on all this stuff really makes me love living at the Situation Room. Not that my stereo didn’t get stolen from here too about 5 years ago, but it was a normal random theft and not something that my neighbors did. Or did they….

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  • Hi brad,
    You cheer up my days and my dog.
    I really want you to try upset people by telling them their neighbours don’t like them lol

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