Below is a year-by-year rundown of how my life has gone so far. Sort of. You can click on the years to view the entire year’s archive. Or you can use the archive options in the left sidebar to get more specific.





Here’s my rundown of how 2005 went…



Emily and Allison I was throwing away some old computers so I gave them to Emily along with a screwdriver and told her to take them apart. Payton opening birthday presents at Burger King
Mostly a bunch of neighbor kids. And these are just the ones that I could actually get to stand still this day. After shooting the end of Elephant & Bird, Emily and Tiffany pose for pictures.
Meagan and Emily making snow angels Ryan, Tiffany and Emily Brianna, Emily and Meagan


Emily and her friend Ryan in front of a big shoe, made of shoes at the City Museum. Payton, approximately 1 year old. Me with a Pepsi and a cactus while visiting iamone in Chicago.
Me and Bonnie Emily and Payton EvilCal at a bar with me and Colleen.


Emily in a tree. Emily and Casey Me looking thrilled to have a picture taken.
Emily and Casey Payton (2 months old) asleep with Loonette and Molly. Me and Payton (just a few hours old)
Payton on Christmas Eve Payton and Colleen Emily and her new brother
Happy after just winning the $1,000,000 lottery


June 1998: Colleen and I got tired of Celina and decided to move to Illinois. We ended up finding a place in Alton. Here are a few random pictures from 1998, mostly all from after we moved…

Emily’s 2nd birthday
Me and Emily in some Ohio caverns


My entire year of 1997 was spent living in Celina, Ohio with Colleen and Emily. We moved to Celina in November of 1996. Here are a few random pictures…

Emily at our top-of-the-line 486 computer, probably watching a Dr. Suess CD-ROM Our duplex in Celina, Ohio Emily by the Christmas tree
Emily, desperate to go outside Emily’s 1st birthday Emily sitting on some messy stairs
Colleen excited by her free LOD-MOD tshirts from ErikB Emily on a train – I think this was at the Cincinnati Zoo Jammie visits us in Celina


In September of 1995, Colleen and I moved to Albany, Oregon. Here are a few pictures from Albany, mostly all in 1996…

A candid shot of me picking my nose. Gee, how embarassing. Emily just a few days old Emily cries too much so we try to ship her to Syberia
Emily asleep Me and Emily Colleen hanging out in the projection booth with me (I worked at Albany’s theater)
Colleen dressed up as a phone company lineman for Holloween. I think this may have actually been 1995 Holloween, not 1996. But oh well. Me and Emily Emily’s first Holloween

Around October of 1996, Colleen and I were still living in Albany, Oregon but looking for a few apartments in nearby Corvallis. After awhile, plans changed and we suddenly decided to move out of state. We decided on Celina, Ohio and spent about 5 days driving. We made a pitstop in Illinois to visit my parents and then continued to Ohio.

Our car at a hotel somewhere, getting ready to leave Colleen and Emily in a motel Our Chevy Citation and U-haul. Click on this one to enlarge it and you’ll wonder how we ever made it across the country. Look at the back of the car sag…


A few random pictures from 1994…
Cincinnati, Ohio & Portland, Oregon

In my Cincinnati apartment, being weird Colleen & I, ordering lots of free room service Demonstrating good oral hygiene
Improving my Tetris skills My work Coworker Kevin, stuffing his mouth with gum Me, stuck in the cooler
At Lloyd Center food court Me in Highland Sailing Me and Colleen
Vacationing in Indianapolis – Colleen


A few random pictures from 1993…
California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana

Me & Sylvia, in California I think Me & Sylvia with our stolen 7-Eleven money in a St. Louis airport hotel Me, Mavis & Christina in Highland, Illinois Christina & Sylvia
Me & some kids in Highland having a seance Me in Highland My mugshot from Highland, IL Skyline Motel in Indianapolis, IN – I lived here for a few months


A few random pictures from 1992…
Missouri, Florida, Galveston, Texas, Hollywood

My pre-summer job – Jamestown Cinema in Florrisant, Missouri Me, Keith and some other guy in front of the Welcome to Florida sign. (On our way to Disneyworld) Hanging from the Florida sign Me and Bobby
Me and Sylvia Somehow I let Sylvia talk me into letting her shave my head Scooby, Desire and Sylvia in Hollywood Me looking thrilled to get a t-shirt for Christmas (Hollywood)
The front of my travel guide The inside cover of my travel guide


A few random pictures from 1991…
School and a few jobs

Accounting class in high school Me flicking a paper football Me and other employees playing video games at Cottonwood Cinema (in Glen Carbon, IL) Chris & I at Cottonwood Cinema Me and a few other employees at Alton Cine

After leaving town and arriving in Galveston, Texas

Me and a couple house painting co-workers in my car/home Me at the Seawall Circle K in Galveston, TX On the phone at Circle K in League City, TX “Working” at the League City Circle K
Me and Bobby Me and Cleo Bobby running alongside my 1979 Dodge Colt


  • Your employment history and experiences with the Authorities make you an idol to me. Likewise your previous off-the-grid living. However, I must admit that I’m somewhat perplexed by the fact that a guy who can phreak telcos doesn’t know how to fix a car.

    Your addiction to Pepsi (broke mine five or so years back) and the cleverness demonstrated by the construction of a computer desk using only stolen milk crates tells me we’ve got something in common. I’m happy to have read of your exploits. Thanks for posting them.

  • Man I haven’t talked with you in like 11 years. Good to see your still having adventures (Well as much as one can in his 30’s) and enjoying life to it’s fullest. Keep on Trucking dude.

  • Chuck, who are you? How did I know you?

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